Quiz: Are You Hopelessly Hooked on Sugar?

Is sugar controlling your life and inhibiting your weight loss?
David Zinczenko

Do you binge on sweets—only to crave them hours later?

Do you feel a little guilty after every Oreo—but keep gobbling them up anyway?

Do you eat pastries or other treats—even if you aren’t actually hungry?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could be hooked on sugar. And you’d hardly be alone. That’s why I knew I had to write Zero Sugar Diet, my new book that’s based on a simple and delicious 14-day plan to help flatten your belly and crush your sugar cravings. (The results are real, by the way: more than 700 test panelists—many of whom struggled with real sugar addictions—were able to loosen their dependence on added sugars and lose up to a pound a day.) 

Fact is, the more sugar we eat, the more we reduce our brain’s ability to produce oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone that tells us when we’re sated. Just like with any drug, we need more of it to feel “normal” again. So weaning yourself off of the 80-plus grams of added sugar you get each and every day is an important goal. And it’s why I filled the book with 600+ brand-name foods free from added sugars—and included this revealing quiz. (Some of the answers will shock you.)

So take the following test to find out whether you are, in fact, a sugar junkie, and  learn more about Zero Sugar Diet here to start losing weight and looking and feeling better than ever.