42 Ways to Look Thinner By Friday

Ditch the bloat and slip into those skinny jeans by Friday with these simple tricks.
Sarah Crow

We all have those moments we want to look our best for, whether it’s an upcoming high school reunion, the dreaded photo shoot for your family’s holiday card, or a wedding where you don’t want to look like the biggest guest in all the pictures. And for many people, months of careful planning make it easy to see those weight loss goals to fruition, allowing you to enjoy the spotlight the second you walk in the door, with your fellow party guests whispering about how you made such a massive transformation.    

Unfortunately, sometimes there just isn’t time to get the ball rolling on a healthy living overhaul; sometimes, you just need to look thinner fast. While dangerous crash diets and extreme cleanses can help you shave off a few pounds, the risk is certainly not worth the reward, and virtually everyone who embarks upon one of these unhealthy eating plans gains the weight back — and even more — within days or weeks of their initial weight loss. The good news? There are plenty of ways to transform your body in a hurry without resorting to diet and exercise habits that are more likely to land you in the hospital than back in your skinny jeans. You can look leaner and feel more confident in just a few days by sticking to these 42 tips that will have you looking thinner by Friday. And if you’ve got some time on your hands, start your transformation early with the 41 Ways to Burn More Calories Today!