25 Ways Sex Makes You Healthier

Enjoy some intimacy and get healthier in the process.
Sarah Crow

Nookie. Making love. Knockin’ boots. While there are a million different ways to refer to doing the deed, one thing is true no matter what name you slap on the act: sex is a killer workout. While it may not have the same calorie-torching effect of a multi-mile run or a CrossFit session, sex can improve the health of virtually every part of your body. 

In addition to the obvious calorie burn you get from a between-the-sheets sweat sesh, sex is an amazing way to reduce your stress level, clear your skin, and even reduce your risk of catching a seasonal cold. Even more important, after a seemingly endless day at the office, what sounds more appealing: lacing up your sneakers and waiting in line for the elliptical or slipping into your birthday suit and getting in your workout while horizontal? If you need some motivation to work regular sex into your routine, discover the 20 Ways Stress is Ruining Your Health and get the boom back in your bedroom by finding out the 25 Ways Sex Makes You Healthier!