The Best Breakfasts For All-Day Energy

  • Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest ways to enjoy a protein-packed breakfast without a ton of preparation. A study by the International Journal of Obesity found that consuming eggs at breakfast helped participants lose 65% more weight than calorically comparable carb-heavy meals. 

  • Oatmeal With Berries and Nuts

    Oatmeal packs a powerful hunger-fighting punch, with 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per cup. Topped with a fiber- and protein-rich (not to mention delicious) combination of berries and nuts, this easy-to-prepare, low-calorie breakfast is a heart-healthy way to fill up in the morning. Even better, oatmeal can help you lose belly fat — a study published in Plant Foods For Human Nutrition found that eating oatmeal aided in weight loss, improved liver function, and got hip-to-waist ratio into a more desirable territory.

  • Almond Flour Pancakes

    Anyone who loves pancakes but hates the havoc they wreak on a diet can have their pancake and eat it too by replacing traditional white flour with almond flour. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, almonds have been proven to reduce abdominal fat and lower the risk of heart attack.  

  • Cottage Cheese

    The rich, creamy texture and salty-sweet flavor of cottage cheese makes it feel decadent, even though it's actually a great weight loss tool. The combination of whey protein and casein in cottage cheese will keep you satisfied without any insulin-spiking sugar — that's why it's such a staple food for body builders. 

  • Peanut Butter on Ezekiel Bread

    Full of amino acids, fiber, and protein, Ezekiel Bread topped with natural peanut butter is a satisfying combination that can be prepared in virtually no time at all. Because Ezekiel Bread is sprouted, it may help your body break down carbohydrates and use key nutrients, like Vitamins C, E, and folate, more effectively, according to findings by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

  • Yogurt With Flaxseed

    A study conducted at the University of Tennessee revealed that yogurt may be a key force in helping combat obesity. The consumption of yogurt has been strongly correlated with a reduction in belly fat, and this protein-rich breakfast gets even healthier with the addition of omega-3 and fiber-packed flaxseed. 

  • Seitan Wrap

    Vegetarians can get their fill of satisfying, meatless protein in the morning with a seitan-filled wrap. Drizzled with tamari and baked, seitan wraps will keep you full without the salt-induced bloating or fat content of many meat-based breakfast proteins.  

  • Chia Pudding

    Soak chia seeds in non-dairy milk, add honey and fruit, and voila — you have a near-perfect breakfast. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to 10 grams of fiber and 4.7 grams of protein per once, chia seeds will quell that pesky mid-morning hunger that tells you to reach for the nearest pastry. 

  • Quinoa With Fruit

    Most of us may think of quinoa as a savory food, but this healthy grain can also be enjoyed as a sweet breakfast food. Protein-rich quinoa provides a nutty, slightly crunchy texture that works well with the soft sweetness of berries, bananas, and baked apples. 

  • Overnight Oats With Hemp Milk

    Give yourself a break from cooking in the morning by preparing overnight oats the evening prior. Simply soak oats in essential fatty acid-rich hemp milk and allow to sit overnight. Top with fruit and nuts for a palate-pleasing taste and texture. 

  • Broccoli Frittata

    Tasty broccoli frittatas combine the satisfying protein of eggs with the nutrient-dense crunch and flavor of one of the healthiest green vegetables out there. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, broccoli is also one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium, making it a valuable tool in the fight against osteoporosis. 

  • Tempeh Scramble

    With just 320 calories per cup and 31 grams of protein, tempeh is a great way to fill up in the morning without adding lots of carbs to your plate. Toss tempeh with olive oil and veggies for an easy, fiber-filled dish.

  • Spinach Omelet

    Eggs and spinach are among the biggest nutritional powerhouses out there, and combined, they make a practically perfect meal. Full of folate, spinach helps reduce your body's inclination to create fat cells, while eggs keep hunger at bay. 

  • Crustless Asparagus Quiche

    Add asparagus to your morning eggs and bake for a meal that's as delicious as it is healthy. This crustless quiche is full of fiber, protein, potassium, and folate, making it as pleasing for your palette as it is for the rest of your body.  

  • Spirulina Banana Smoothie

    Spirulina's unique mix of energizing B-vitamins, calcium, potassium, and iron make it a dynamic addition to any smoothie. Add a scoop to your favorite Zero Belly smoothie for a burst of vitamins and minerals. 

  • Steak and Eggs

    Steak and eggs may seem like a rich combo, but they can also be a part of your quest to banish belly fat, thanks to the high protein content of this satisfying meal. Choose a lean cut of meat and you can enjoy this low-carb breakfast without concerns over its heart-healthiness.

  • Chicken Breakfast Tacos

    If you have baked or grilled chicken from the previous night's dinner, put it to good use by making chicken breakfast tacos. Combine shredded chicken, corn tortillas, and hot salsa for a spicy breakfast full of weight loss-boosting capsaicin and satiating protein. A study by Purdue University found that capsaicin can help reduce hunger and increase the body's fat-burning capability. 

  • Salmon Croquettes

    Enjoy fish as an all-day food by preparing salmon croquettes the night before. This high protein mixture of salmon and eggs is full of omega-3s and may help reduce inflammation throughout the body.  

  • Protein Smoothie

    Protein smoothies are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get a complete meal on the go. Combine fruit, protein powder, nut butter, and your favorite non-dairy milk for a combination of healthy carbs, fat, and protein for a drink that tastes like dessert but won't ruin your diet. 

  • Sprouted Bread With Smoked Salmon

    Instead of a high-calorie bagel, try something new with your smoked salmon by adding it to a slice of weight loss-friendly sprouted bread. Stick to wild salmon for the heart-healthiest combination. 

  • Cranberry Oat Energy Balls

    You don't have to be a wizard in the kitchen to enjoy the taste of healthy baked goods in the morning. Combine pureed bananas, oatmeal, and dried cranberries, shape into balls for a vitamin, mineral, and fiber-rich breakfast that's sweet without being bad for you. 

  • Avocado Toast

    Avocado toast is having a moment and it's easy to see why: this mix of protein, carbs, and good fats is delicious, easy to prepare, and seriously filling. Enjoy with a bit of cracked pepper on sprouted bread for the biggest bang for your bite. 

  • Chickpea Scramble With Spinach and Egg

    Eggs and spinach provide a one-two punch of fiber and protein at breakfast, and adding chickpeas only increases their nutritional power. A healthy source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, chickpeas have also been found to aid in weight loss, according to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

  • Almond and Apple Bread

    You don't have to give up your favorite baked goods just because you're on the Zero Belly plan. Phytonutrient-packed red apples, pureed into applesauce, work as a binder in this easy to make bread: just combine almond flour, applesauce, eggs into a stiff batter and bake.  

  • Lentil Muffins

    Give your traditional muffin recipe a healthy boost by adding lentils to it. Cooked lentils or lentil puree will add a virtually flavorless injection of satisfying protein to your favorite muffins without sacrificing texture.

  • Turkey Breakfast Wrap

    One of the best sources of lean protein, turkey is an easy addition to your usual breakfast routine. Simply wrap up turkey and avocado in a tortilla for a high-protein meal that will keep your energy levels up. 

  • Coconut Pancakes

    Use the slight sweetness and healthy fats found in coconut to make a breakfast that feels like a cheat food but won't break the caloric bank. Coconut flour adds a fluffiness to baked goods that you won't find in many other alternative flour sources. 

  • Amaranth Biscuits

    This gluten-free grain is one of the best substitutes for traditional flour I've found. Full of minerals and boasting 16 grams of protein per cup of flour, amaranth is a filling addition to any baker's pantry. Use amaranth flour in lieu of wheat in your favorite biscuit recipes for a healthy alternative.  

  • Almond Flour French Toast

    Add some additional protein to your leftover almond flour bread by turning it into French toast. Soak any leftover almond bread in almond or flax milk and eggs and sautee in coconut oil. 

  • Stuffed Peppers

    One of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your morning routine is by making stuffed peppers. Combine eggs and the meat or vegetarian protein of your choice and bake inside a hollowed bell pepper for a belly-friendly meal that only feels indulgent. 

  • Turkey and Egg Scramble

    Leaner than beef or pork, ground turkey is an easy way to enjoy lots of protein in the morning without turning to processed meat products, Scramble with a few whole eggs and bake in a cast iron skillet for a healthy version of a diner classic. 

  • Homemade Granola

    Avoid the landmine of refined sugar, bad fats, and calories in your average store-bought granola by making your own at home. Combine oatmeal, flaxseeds, antioxidant-packed manuka honey, coconut oil, and the fruit of your choice for a filling breakfast that tastes like a treat. 

  • Breakfast Parfait

    Who says dessert has to come after dinner? This parfait makes for a filling breakfast food, thanks to its combination of protein, fat, and carbs. Layer homemade granola, yogurt, and berries for a dish that you'll want to eat again and again. 

  • Avocado Smoothie

    Add some healthy fat to your smoothie by tossing in an avocado. The avocado's subtle flavor will complement, rather than mask, the flavors of the fruit you're using and can add a non-dairy richness to your drink. 

  • Quinoa Porridge

    Similar to overnight oats, quinoa porridge is a tasty, fiber-rich breakfast that's easy to prepare the night before. Simply soak quinoa in your preferred milk overnight and top with chopped fruit in the morning to a hint of sweetness to this protein-packed porridge. 

  • Avocado Baked Eggs

    Eggs have a proven track record of aiding in weight loss and avocados give them a nutritional boost, thanks to the addition of some extra healthy fat. In addition to providing a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, saturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition suggests that avocado consumption may help with weight loss.  

  • Smoothie Bowl

    If you smoothies, but aren't always in the mood to drink your breakfast, try a smoothie bowl. Using the same basic components you add to a smoothie, like yogurt, pumpkin seeds, berries, and nuts, smoothie bowls are a healthy, fiber-rich option for mornings when you have time for a sit-down meal. If you enjoy a morning workout, you may want to add a smoothie bowl to your breakfast roster — the high zinc and potassium content are great for building muscle and reducing fatigue.  

  • Cottage Cheese on Toast

    The protein from a scoop of cottage cheese combined with the fiber and slow carbohydrates in a slice of sprouted toast will keep your metabolism stoked throughout the morning without a single hunger pang. 

  • Black Bean Burrito

    One of the healthiest sources of protein out there, black beans are a tasty addition to a typical egg dish. Wrap up some scrambled eggs and black beans in a flaxseed or sprouted tortilla and enjoy. 

  • Sweet Potato Skillet

    Many of us pass up all potatoes when we're trying to lose weight. Sweet potatoes should stay on your menu, however, thanks to their resistant starch, which digests slowly and helps keep blood sugar stable. Toss sweet potatoes, eggs, onions, and pepper together for a filling, low-calorie scramble.