41 Foods That Reduce Your Skin Cancer Risk

  • Brazil Nuts

    Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah have discovered a link between the consumption of selenium-rich foods and a lower incidence of melanoma. Fortunately, all it takes is a few Brazil nuts to help you reach the RDA of 55 to 400 micrograms, with these tasty nuts packing 1917 micrograms or selenium per 3.5-ounce serving.

  • Shrimp

    That shrimp cocktail could be the key to lowering your melanoma risk. Enjoying just six medium-sized shrimp will add 56 micrograms of selenium to your daily total, as well as plenty of thyroid-boosting iodine. And for more ways to add protein to your diet, discover these 45 Protein Sources You Should Be Eating — But Aren't!

  • Mustard Seed

    While many of the condiments we consume on a regular basis are no friend to our waistlines or health, mustard actually packs some surprising nutritional benefits. Ground mustard seed packs 208 micrograms of selenium in just 3.5 ounces, so don’t be shy about adding some to your sauce or sandwich.

  • Eggs

    Eager to reduce your melanoma risk? Start your morning off with some tasty, protein-packed eggs. Not only are eggs a great tool for weight loss, just a two-egg serving has 165 micrograms of selenium, making it an easy way to keep your skin safe. And for more ways to start your day off on the right foot, ditch the 20 Most Shockingly Sugary Breakfasts in America from your menu!

  • Mussels

    Low in calories, but rich in omega-3s and selenium, mussels are an easy way to fight inflammation while losing weight. Mussels also have 90 micrograms of selenium in every 3.5-ounce portion, making them a delicious way to reduce your melanoma risk in no time.

  • Cod

    Swap out your usual protein source in favor of some cod tonight and you’ll be on the path to healthier, more protected skin in no time. Atlantic cod has 148 micrograms of selenium per 3.5-ounce portion, so it doesn’t take much to get you the melanoma-fighting effect you want.

  • Turkey

    Eager to protect your skin from sun damage and melanoma? Try some turkey on for size. Turkey is a good source of selenium, with 102 micrograms per 3.5 ounces—and that number is even higher if you eat it with the skin on, giving you the most melanoma-fighting bang for your bite. And enjoy healthier protein-rich meals in no time by discovering these 25 Ways to Pick the Healthiest Meat!

  • Lamb

    A little lamb could do you a lot of good when it comes to your skin health. Just under 4 ounces of lamb packs nearly half your RDA of melanoma-fighting selenium, which research published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging has also linked to improved health and cognitive function in the elderly.

  • Shiitake Mushrooms

    Make your meals more skin-friendly by adding some shiitakes to your diet. Just a 3.5-ounce portion of dried shiitakes packs 46 micrograms of selenium, as well as plenty of acne-fighting, skin-beautifying riboflavin and zinc. 

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Want to enjoy a sweet sandwich but can’t risk a peanut allergy attack? Try some sunflower seed butter instead. This tasty spread packs 104 micrograms of selenium per 3.5-ounce portion, so just a few sandwiches or spoonfuls of the stuff each week can help you reduce your melanoma risk. 

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  • Chicken Giblets

    Before your toss those organ meats from your chicken into the trash, consider incorporating them into a recipe first: the health of your skin might just depend on it. Chicken giblets are not only a great way to flavor soups and gravies, they’re also loaded with selenium, with 104 micrograms per serving.

  • Beef

    Go ahead, order that steak— it might just keep your skin healthier in the long run. In addition to being a great way to stay full and focused, thanks to its brain-boosting choline, beef is a great source of selenium, with 40 micrograms per 3.5-ounce portion.

  • Cuttlefish

    Branch out from your usual seafood order and try some cuttlefish for dinner instead—your skin will thank you. A 3.5-ounce serving of these tasty mollusks contains 90 micrograms of selenium, making it the melanoma fighter you didn’t know you needed. And for more reasons to add fish to your diet, discover these 40 Ways Omega-3s Fight Fat!

  • Octopus

    Whether in a soup, salad, or piece of sushi, octopus is a great way to get healthier skin with every bite. Just a 3.5-ounce portion of octopus packs nearly double your RDA of selenium, meaning it’s an easy way to reduce your melanoma risk. 

  • Yellowfin Tuna

    The next time you order Japanese food, forgo those fried and sauce-covered rolls in favor of some yellowfin sashimi. This flavorful, omega-3-packed fish contains 108 micrograms of selenium per 3.5-ounce serving, making it one of the healthier sushi options out there.

  • Anchovies

    Inexpensive, loaded with fatty acids, and packed with selenium, it’s hard to find a reason not to make anchovies part of your regular diet. Just a single tiny tin of anchovies packs 68 micrograms of melanoma-fighting selenium, as well as tons of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. And for more reasons to load up on omega-3s, discover the 40 Ways Inflammation is Ruining Your Health!

  • Orange Roughy

    Feeling a little burnt out on your usual seafood order? Try spicing things up with some orange roughy instead. This deep-water fish is a great source of omega-3s and packs a whopping 88 micrograms of selenium in 3.5 ounces. Even better, orange roughy’s flavor pairs well with citrus flavors, like lemon and orange, which can help add some fat-fighting pectins to your meal, helping you slim down while you reduce your cancer risk.

  • Canned Tuna

    Think you have to buy expensive tuna filets to enjoy this fish’s health benefits? Think again! When it comes to fighting melanoma, the canned stuff will do just fine. A 3.5-ounce serving of the stuff will add 80 micrograms of melanoma-fighting selenium to your diet, so go ahead and enjoy a tuna sandwich from time to time.

  • Wheat Germ

    Not a big cook? Not a problem! You can still fight melanoma and get healthier by adding some selenium-rich wheat germ to your favorite Zero Belly smoothie or by stirring some into your morning oatmeal. Not only does wheat germ pack 79 micrograms of selenium per 3.5-ounce serving, it’s also a great source of fiber and calcium, making it a recipe for a healthier digestive tract and stronger bones, too. 


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  • Oysters

    In addition to their rumored aphrodisiac properties, adding oysters to your diet is also an easy way to reduce your melanoma risk in an instant. Just a 3.5-ounce portion of Pacific-caught oysters has 154 micrograms of selenium, as well as plenty of inflammation-fighting omega-3s. 

  • Rockfish

    Low in calories and rich in selenium, rockfish is an easy way to reduce your melanoma risk while filling up. Packed with both selenium and plenty of bone-strengthening calcium and vitamin D, this fish, which works well roasted, pan-fried, or baked, is an easy way to get healthier in no time. 

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  • Salmon

    You probably already know that salmon’s wealth of omega-3 fatty acids can help improve your heart health, but did you know it can also help keep your skin healthy? Just a petite filet of salmon packs 76 micrograms of selenium, making it an easy way to reduce your melanoma risk with every bite.


  • Goose Liver

    While the debate rages on about the ethics of foie gras production and consumption, if you’re eager to add some melanoma protection to your diet, it’s a great choice. Just a few tablespoons of this rich paté can add 68 micrograms of selenium to your diet.

  • Mackerel

    All it takes is a little mackerel on your plate to help you reduce your melanoma risk. This easy-to-prepare fish has 73 micrograms of selenium per serving, so don’t be shy about adding it to your meal plan on a regular basis. 

  • Lobster

    Whether you’re cracking into it yourself or enjoying it prepared in a lobster roll, every time you add lobster to your menu, you’re reducing your melanoma risk. Just 3.5 ounces of lobster will add 64 micrograms of selenium to your diet, making it an easy—albeit decadent—way to reduce your melanoma risk. 


  • Swordfish

    Put swordfish on your menu and reduce your melanoma risk in an instant. In addition to its high selenium content, swordfish is loaded with bloat-fighting potassium and phosphorus. Just make sure you’re enjoying swordfish of the domestic variety when possible—it’s more environmentally friendly than its imported counterparts. 


  • Caviar

    Whether you’re enjoying some on your sushi roll or spooning it onto crackers, go ahead and treat yourself to some caviar—your whole body will reap the rewards. Just a few ounces of caviar will add more than a day’s worth of selenium to your diet, and getting to indulge in such an indulgent treat will make anyone feel like royalty. And for more ways to indulge without ruining your weight loss efforts, enjoy these 40 Decadent Desserts That Will Slim You Down!

  • Herring

    Just a few pickled herring on your menu could help you reduce your risk of melanoma in no time. Every 3.5-ounce portion of herring packs 59 micrograms of selenium, which not only reduces melanoma risk, it can also help fight infection, according to research published in Integrative Cancer Therapies.

  • Bison

    Instead of another boring burger, try adding some bison to your weekly meal plan. A 4-ounce portion of bison packs nearly a quarter of your daily selenium requirements, helping you reduce your melanoma risk. It also contains plenty of fatigue-fighting B vitamins, keeping you energized all day long. And for more ways to get healthier in an instant, discover these 42 Reasons to Keep Olive Oil in Your Kitchen!

  • Corn

    Don’t fear, vegetarians: there are plenty of plant-based ways to increase your selenium intake, too. Yellow corn happens to be a particularly good source of this melanoma-fighting mineral, packing 57 micrograms per ear.

  • Pork

    The other white meat has some surprising health benefits. While nobody’s suggesting you chow down on a ton of bacon, enjoying a lean cut of pork from time may be able to provide some melanoma protection to your skin. Pork offers a healthy serving of selenium in every bite, a count that only rises for organ meats, like pork kidneys, which pack 312 micrograms per 3.5 ounces.

  • Halibut

    A little bit of halibut on your menu could mean a significant reduction in your melanoma risk. A 3.5-ounce halibut filet packs 55 micrograms of selenium, as well as plenty of protein, inflammation-fighting omega-3s, and plenty of slimming phosphorus. And for more fish to your diet, load your menu with The World's Healthiest Seafood!

  • Chia Seeds

    Seafood may seem like the easiest way to add selenium and omega-3s to your diet, but chia seeds have plenty of fatty fish beat. Chia seeds not only have more omega-3s per ounce than salmon, they also have 16 micrograms of selenium per ounce, and are a much more pleasant addition to a smoothie or bowl of oatmeal than your average fish filet. 

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  • Crab

    Adding some Zero Belly Cookbook crab cakes to your menu can make your skin healthier in an instant. A single cup of crab meat packs 67 percent of your RDA of selenium, in addition to tons of vitamins A and E, which can improve your skin’s appearance, too. 

  • Sprouted Wheat

    If you’re going to eat bread, opt for sprouted grains. A cup of sprouted wheat packs 46 micrograms of cancer-fighting selenium, as well as being a great source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. And for more weight-friendly carbs, enjoy the 15 Best Grains For Weight Loss!

  • Ginger

    Flavor your food, reduce your cancer risk, fight inflammation, and lose weight at the same time by adding some ginger to your diet. Ground ginger packs 16 micrograms of selenium per ounce, so don’t be shy when adding it to your favorite foods. And for more reasons to add ginger to your meal plan, discover these 40 Ways Ginger Makes You Fitter Fast!

  • Sardines

    These little fish pack a major punch when it comes to reducing your melanoma risk. Just one tiny tin of sardines packs 53 micrograms of melanoma-fighting selenium, as well as plenty of inflammation-fighting, heart-healthy omega-3s. 

  • Sea Bass

    If you’re trying to reduce your risk of melanoma, you better be all about that bass—sea bass, that is. Just a single filet of sea bass has 47 micrograms of selenium, which has also been linked to improvements in mood, as well. And for more ways to add omega-3s to your diet, enjoy these 45 Delicious Sources of Omega-3s!

  • Curry

    A little bit of curry in your food could mean a lot of skin protection. Every ounce of curry packs 5 micrograms of selenium, making it an easy and delicious way to reduce your melanoma risk. And for more reasons to bring the heat in the kitchen, discover these 40 Healthy Reasons to Spice Up Your Cooking!


  • Abalone

    More than just a pretty shell, it’s what’s inside the abalone that counts: namely, a healthy helping of selenium. Add a few ounces of abalone to your meal plan and you can enjoy a full day’s worth of melanoma-fighting selenium. 

  • Squid

    Eating a little squid could mean a lot of skin protection. Squid contains 15 micrograms of selenium per ounce, making that order of grilled calamari a serious boon to your melanoma-fighting efforts.