The #1 Secret Ingredient Making You Fat

  • #6 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Added sugar makes eating healthy almost impossible. 
    The more added sugar that sneaks its way into your diet, the less healthy food you’ll eat the rest of the day. That’s the finding of a 2015 article in Nutrition Reviews, which looked at dozens of studies conducted between 1972 and 2012. The researchers found that a higher intake of added sugar was associated with poorer diet and a lower intake of micronutrients. That’s in part because of how sugary foods retrain our taste buds and mess with our bodily systems. When even tomato sauce is laced with sweetener, we then need greater and greater doses of sugar in order for the flavor to register. That leads us to seek out candies and baked goods at the expense of real food.

  • #5 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Added sugar causes your body to store fat around your belly. 
    Within twenty-four hours of eating fructose, your body is flooded with elevated levels of triglycerides. Does that sound bad? It is. Triglycerides are the fatty deposits in your blood. Your liver makes them, because they’re essential for building and repairing the tissues in your body. But when it’s hit with high doses of fructose, the liver responds by pumping out more triglycerides; that’s a signal to your body that it’s time to store some abdominal fat. In one study, researchers fed subjects beverages sweetened with either glucose or fructose. Both gained the same amount of weight over the next eight weeks, but the fructose group gained its weight primarily as belly fat, thanks to the way this type of sugar is processed in the liver!

  • #4 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Added sugar makes you skip going to the gym. 
    There are a lot of ways that added sugar can make you gain weight, but the most bizarre may be the way it reduces actual physical activity. In one study at the University of Illinois, two groups of mice were followed for two and a half months; both groups were fed the same amount of sugar and calories, but one group was fed a diet that mimicked the standard American adolescent’s diet—i.e., one that was about 18 percent added fructose. The other set received its sugar in the form of glucose. The added fructose group gained more body fat over the course of the study, even though they weren’t fed more calories—or even more sugar. One of the reasons was that the fructose-addled mice traveled about 20 percent less in their little cages than the other set of mice. They just naturally . . . slowed . . . down. 

  • #3 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Added sugar is a primary driver in your risk of dying from diabetes. 
    The link between increased sugar and diabetes risk is right up there with “smoking causes lung cancer” on the list of immutable medical truths. But researchers at the Mayo Clinic have come right out and said that added fructose—either as a constituent of table sugar or as the main component of high-fructose corn syrup—may be the number one cause of diabetes, and that cutting sugar alone could translate into a reduced number of diabetes deaths the world over. 

  • #2 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Added sugar makes you depressed. 
    “Reduce fructose in your diet if you want to protect your brain,” announced Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He and his team tested how well rats recovering from brain injury learned new ways to get through a maze. They found that animals that drank HFCS took 30 percent more time to find the exit. “Our findings suggest that fructose disrupts plasticity—the creation of fresh pathways between brain cells that occurs when we learn or experience something new,” he says. In an earlier study, researchers found that a combination of sugar and fat could actually change one’s brain chemistry. The brains of animals on a high-fat, high-sugar diet had decreased levels of brain delivered neurotropic factor (BDNF), a compound that helps brain cells communicate with one another, build memories, and learn new things; decreased levels of BDNF have been linked to both Alzheimer’s and depression. 

  • #1 Reason to Go Zero Sugar

    Sugar doubles your risk of dying from heart disease!
    People who get 25 percent or more of their calories from added sugar are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as those who eat less than 10 percent, according to a study in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association. One out of ten of us falls into that category. Now, if you’re an average American, your daily sugar consumption is about 17 percent of calories, according to the study. But that’s hardly a laurel to rest on. People who ate between 17 and 21 percent of their calories from added sugar had a 38 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease, compared with people who consumed 8 percent or less of their calories from added sugar.

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