20 Reasons to Ditch Salt From Your Diet Today

Fight back against bloating and chronic disease by setting down the salt shaker.
Sarah Crow

When we talk about the foods that cause health problems, the conversation is generally focused on calories, fat, and sugar content. The problem? Many adults are all but ignoring a major contributor to our health issues: salt.

According to the CDC, the average adult should consume under 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. Unfortunately, most Americans are eating more than 150 percent of their daily recommended intake, and yet the United States doesn’t even crack the top 20 list of highest consumers of sodium, with countries like Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Thailand, Japan, and China outpacing US consumption by huge margins. 

So what’s the problem with a little salt? A lot, actually. In addition to causing dangerous increases in blood pressure, excessive sodium intake can predispose you to heart attacks, pregnancy complications, and more. It’s shocking how little of the stuff can put you at risk— just a tablespoon of salt has an entire day’s worth of sodium. If you’re ready to eat healthier, discover these 20 reasons to ditch from your diet today. And for more incentive to make every meal more flavorful sans salt, discover these 42 Ways Spices Burn Fat and Improve Your Health!