20 Ways Stress is Ruining Your Health

Could your stress level be making you sick?
Sarah Crow

Whether you’re ticked off by another traffic-congested commute, a tough day at the office, or a fight with your significant other, life seems to provide a seemingly endless font of stress. While some of those stresses can melt away with a good night’s sleep or an intense workout, there are others that stick with us both mentally and physically.

It’s easy to say that stress is a problem that starts and ends in the brain, but in reality, stress can put tremendous pressure on virtually every part of our body. Not only does stress often make it more difficult to get through your average day, it can take a serious toll on your health, increasing your risk of everything from weight gain to cognitive decline. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take in the right direction: add some meditation to your daily routine, make room on your menu for the 15 Foods That Boost Your Mood, or give yourself a few hours of gadget-free decompression time at night. 

When you’re ready to get serious about changing your life for the better, discover the 20 Ways Stress is Ruining Your Health!