40 Reasons to Ditch Refined Sugar

Improve your health more easily than you ever thought possible by scaling back the sugar in your diet.
Sarah Crow
If you have a sweet tooth you just can't kick, you're far from alone.
According to the USDA, a staggering 58 percent of Americans consume more sugar than they should on a regular basis. Worse yet, with the rise in added sugars making their way into everything from sauces to snack foods, many individuals are consuming huge amounts of the sweet stuff without even knowing it. In fact, while the World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than five to 10 percent of your daily calories from sugar—or under 25 grams of the stuff—among those studied by the Food Surveys Research Group's What We Eat in America survey, our over-consumption of sugar has reached epidemic proportions. Among the 58 percent of study subjects who ate too much sugar,  the average individual ate four times the recommended amount of sugar every single day. 
In fact, Americans are eating sugar at such an alarming pace, it might become a rare commodity in your lifetime, according to the United States Department of AgricultureThe good news? If you want to scale back your sugar intake, we've got plenty of incentive for you: just start by discovering these 40 reasons to ditch refined sugar. And when you want to know how sugar's been sneaking into your diet, check out these 45 Surprise Foods Loaded With Sugar