The #1 Secret Ingredient Making You Fat

This sneaky ingredient could be causing your weight gain and health issues — do you know where it's hiding?
David Zinczenko, author, Zero Sugar Diet

Here’s a quick question: How many spoonfuls of high-fructose corn syrup did you eat yesterday? 

Oh, you don’t recall slurping down any of the hyper-sweet corn extract? Well, you did—about eight teaspoons’ worth, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In fact, the average American consumed twenty-seven pounds of the stuff last year, according to research in my new book, Zero Sugar Diet

But while eight teaspoons of artificially manufactured syrup may seem like an awful lot, it’s only a drop in the sugar bucket. The USDA’s most recent figures find that Americans consume, on average, about thirty-two teaspoons of added sugar every single day. That sugar comes to us in the form of candies, ice cream, and other desserts, yes. But the most troubling sugar of all isn’t the added sugar we consume on purpose; it’s the stuff we don’t even know we’re eating. 

Added sugars are hidden everywhere. Spinach salads? Acai bowls? Fitness smoothies? Yup. A woman can blow through her allotment of sugar in just one sitting, and not by ordering cake, ice cream, or cookies but by ordering a “health” food. That’s why, in recent years, the medical community has begun to coalesce around a powerful new way of looking at added sugar: as perhaps the number one most significant health threat in America. 

That’s why my new book Zero Sugar Diet is such a powerful weapon in protecting you and your health. This revolutionary new program is the result of two decades of research into weight loss and belly fat, resulting in the most effective diet of all time. By following the simple fourteen-day plan, you will quickly and efficiently bring your body into perfect balance, and begin dropping excess pounds at a rapid pace. 

Just take a look at all added sugar is doing to you, and learn more about Zero Sugar Diet here to start losing weight and looking and feeling better than ever.