The 50 Best Zero Belly Tips Ever

Burn off your belly fat and turn off your fat genes with these best-ever tips.

Want to make the change that will guarantee you a healthier, wealthier, better life?

It's not spending time with your friends or putting more money in your 401k. It's losing your belly.

See, belly fat — what scientists call "visceral fat" — the most dangerous fat there is, dangerous to your heart, brain love life and your wallet. And the easiest way to banish that belly fat with habits that "turn off" your fat genes and quell the inflammation that causes them to switch back on.

That's what these tips are all about. You can make every one of these changes easily and affordably — no gimmicks or tricks: No adding butter to your coffee or living on peanut butter or banning foods invented after 10,000 BC, counting calories or starving yourself.

Read for the best fat-burning tips you'll find, compliments of the best-selling books Zero Belly Diet, Zero Belly Cookbook and Zero Belly Smoothies!