The World’s Best Weight Loss Lunch

Our ingenious Mason Jar Salads are delicious, easy to make, portable and convenient.

For most people, lunch is the most challenging meal of the day. You’re typically at home at breakfast and dinnertime, and exerting at least some control over your domain. But at lunch, you’re often held hostage to the whims of  your boss, the influence of your coworkers, the pressures of the clock, and the siren song of the vending machine. Most of what the supermarket sells as simple lunch solutions are processed junk that bear as much resemblance to actual food as Mickey Rourke’s face bears to an actual human. And the chain restaurants that make lunch so convenient also make high blood pressure quite convenient, as well: In an analysis of 19 chains, researchers found that the average meal contained 151 percent of our recommended daily value for sodium, and almost half contained more than a full day’s supply of fat.

That’s why cooking up something simple and healthy is so critical to keeping you on the path to Zero Belly. And while we’ve packed Zero Belly Cookbook with dozens of amazing lunch recipes, our ingenious Mason Jar Salads stand out for their ease, portability and convenience. It’s good to stay hungry at work—but not for a slice of pepperoni. 

What you need: 

One large Mason jar, or other BPA-free container.

One large bowl.

Two forks (for tossing and eating!) 

In this order, add to the jar:

½ Tbsp dressing

4 oz cooked protein (chicken, shrimp, hard-boiled egg, chunk light tuna, or green lentils)

1 Tbsp healthy fat (guacamole, nuts, seeds, olives, anchovies)

¼ cup fiberous vegetable (beans, peas, corn, brown rice, quinoa, grilled vegetables)

½ cup chopped, brightly colored vegetables or fruit (carrots, peppers, beets, apple slices, berries, etc.)

2 cups greens (romaine, spinach, watercress, mixed greens)

By stacking your power salad into the jar in this manner, the ingredients will stay dry and fresh until it’s time to serve.  When ready for lunch, simple turn the jar over, pour out into a large bowl, and enjoy.

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