20 Reasons to Eat More Tomatoes

Lose weight, improve your health, and make every meal tastier by adding more tomatoes to your diet.

There's a reason so many weight loss plans feel like they're setting you up for failure from the start: many diets are predicated on the idea that you can completely change a person's eating habits overnight. In the blink of an eye, we're asked to trade in our tasty, if fattening, foods for cabbage soup, aspartame-sweetened bars that your taste buds swear are half candle, or diet drinks that promise to taste like a milkshake, but taste more like the inside of the can they come in.

Fortunately, the answer to lasting weight loss isn't in a bar or a can of not-quite-milkshake—it's in real food— and many of the foods that can help make you healthier are ones you're already eating. In fact, one of the healthiest foods there is, the tomato, is among the most-consumed fruits and veggies in the United States; according to the USDA, the average American consumes a whopping 28.3 pounds of tomatoes every single year. And while their delicious flavor may be their selling point for many consumers, the tomato packs cancer-fighting, stamina-improving, bone-health-boosting properties that are too good to pass up on, too. So, before you cook your next meal, read up on these 20 reasons to eat more tomatoes and add some of these tasty fruits to your favorite recipes. And when you want to make smarter choices in the produce aisle, discover the 42 Most Pesticide-Laden Fruits and Vegetables