20 Food and Exercise Habits You Need to Break Now

Don't let these habits keep you from the body you want.
Sarah Crow

What the chiseled bodies on Instagram and the smiling fitness pros in the pages of your favorite fitness magazine won’t tell is this: everyone, even doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers, slips up from time to time. The healthiest eaters and most avid exercisers in the world occasionally give into the little voice that tells them French fries are a good idea, just this once. However, while some people have no trouble getting right back into their healthy living routine after a minor derailment, for others, these choices can prove catastrophic. 

When you’re trying to get healthier and lose weight, there are the habits that can set you back a few hours and those that make those that can restart the clock on your progress. Before you let one stall convince you to give up on your goals, remind yourself of the 40 Things You’ll Gain When You Lose Weight and make your lifestyle more weight loss-friendly with the 20 Food and Exercise Habits You Need to Break Now!