45 "Healthy" Swaps That Sabotage Your Weight Loss

These supposedly healthy swaps could be making it harder to lose weight.
David Zinczenko

“This is going to be the year I finally drop that baby weight for good,” my friend Amy told me as she arranged drinks and snacks on her patio table. “See? I’m finally making good choices.”

I looked at the spread she’d set out for her party guests: veggie chips, turkey burgers, couscous, and salad tossed in a fat-free red wine vinaigrette all stared back at me. What Amy didn’t realize was that, in trying to make her meals healthier, all she’d done was swap one fattening ingredient for another. In fact, many of the foods she’d put out were just as bad, if not worse, than the supposedly unhealthy snacks she’d subbed them out for. 

Even otherwise healthy eaters can be followed by these 45 “healthy” swaps that are really sabotaging your weight loss, but you don't have to let those poor choices shape your health or your future. Make sure these unhealthy foods aren't making their way onto your menu, and when you’re ready to boost your metabolism and improve your health for good, make the 40 Every Day Activities That Torch Calories part of your routine!