25 Lifestyle Choices That Contribute to Your Weight Gain

Breaking these habits today can help you shed those unwanted points once and for all.
Sarah Crow

It often feels like there's no way to avoid weight gain, especially as we age. In fact, research conducted at Johns Hopkins University's Evidence-Based Practice Center reveals that the average adult will gain one to two pounds every single year through middle age.

Scarier yet, obesity rates have more than doubled over the past four decades, with 1.9 billion individuals worldwide now classifying as overweight and an additional 600 million struggling with obesity, according per the WHO. And unfortunately, with a lack of nutritional education in schools and busy schedules that make it difficult to find adequate time for exercise, we're only going to get bigger.

The good news? There's an easy way to break the cycle. By identifying and eliminating these 25 lifestyle choices that contribute to your weight gain, you can look forward to living a longer, healthier life in a leaner body. And when you want to fill up without filling out your waistline, start by adding the 42 Healthiest Sources of Fiber to your menu.