25 Lifestyle Choices That Contribute to Your Weight Gain

Breaking these habits today can help you shed those unwanted points once and for all.
Sarah Crow

You work out. You eat healthy. You try to make the right choices. So, why are you still gaining weight?

According to the World Health Association, obesity rates have more than doubled over the past four decades, with 1.9 billion individuals worldwide classifying as overweight and 600 million struggling with obesity. Unfortunately, with a lack of nutritional education in schools and busy schedules that make it difficult to find adequate time for exercise, our waistlines continue to widen even among those trying to make healthy choices day in and day out. 

The good news? You don’t have to let your past health define your future. Start filling up by adding the 42 Healthiest Sources of Fiber to your menu. Make a point of moving more. And when it’s time to get serious about getting fit and healthy once and for all, discover and ditch the 25 Lifestyle Choices That Are Causing Your Weight Gain. What are you waiting for? Your best body ever is already within reach.