The 45 Worst Cocktails For Weight Loss

These sugary cocktails could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.
Sarah Crow

After a long week at work, cooling off with a cocktail may sound like a refreshing way to relax, but that stress relief is short-lived when the numbers on the scale start to climb. At restaurants around the world, oversized cocktails are becoming the norm, with many packing triple-digit calories and more sugar than you’d get in an average dessert. For those who tend to order more than one cocktail during an evening out, this can lead to some serious calories making their way onto the menu and some noticeable jumps on the scale.

Before you order that next fishbowl-sized drink, take some time to make sure your cocktail of choice hasn’t made our list of the 45 worst cocktails for the weight-conscious. Think you’re making a safe choice by sticking to wine? Think again. Our 40 Best and Worst Wines For Weight Loss might just surprise you.