40 Foods For a Younger Face

Turn back the clock in an instant with these wrinkle-fighting foods.
Sarah Crow

Between our youth-obsessed culture and research that suggests that older individuals are considered less productive and competent than their more youthful counterparts, it's no wonder we're obsessed with staying young. In fact, the anti-aging market is expected to top $191.7 billion by 2019. 

However, that doesn't mean that your only option when staring down a face full of fresh lines and wrinkles is heading to your nearest plastic surgeon or shelling out huge sums of money on anti-aging products that are little more than snake oil backed by expensive branding. Fortunately, slowing down the aging process is simpler than you might think. In fact, the solution starts on your plate. 

Before you spend another dime on dubious anti-aging treatments, stop the clock with these 40 foods for a younger face. And when you want to enjoy a more luminous complexion, add the 42 Best Foods For Better Skin to your diet.